The same thing that motivates a world class concert musician or a world class athlete to rigorously practice motivates the entire team at GMB, namely: You execute what you practice.

But there is at least one difference. Our process of improving and strengthening our service is informed by how our clients define the value they want from us. We routinely seek out ways to fine-tune not only our service but the way in which we do it. All of the architecture innovations and engineering breakthroughs that any firm seeks to deliver have limited value to our clients’ enterprise and very little to our own if the built environment is either uninspired or under-performing.

And so there are five specific things we seek to do extremely well. Their execution may well vary from market to market, from project to project and from client to client – as well they should.

Enterprise Design is a disciplined way of thinking about architectural breakthroughs and engineering innovations that come together to address all of the legitimate challenges of a complex “built environment”. Challenges like the demands of stakeholders (i,e, parents and alumni) for high performance facilities; of rising energy costs, of climate change, of facility safety and security. But that’s not all, Enterprise Design is also about uncovering beauty, harnessing rhythm and about capturing purpose and expressing vision.

The right architecture and engineering firm knows where the intersection of purposeful yet intangible grace of line, material specification, and building performance occurs. The right firm understands that the building (processing plant, administration building, surgery suite, dormitory, hospice center, regional headquarters, etc.) is part of an enterprise. Either the building is making the enterprise stronger and more profitable or it’s serving a different purpose and therefore eroding the strategy and compromising the mission.

The full team at GMB, regardless of function or professional discipline, has been coached in, has contributed to and knows the principles of enterprise-based design. Face it, you’re running a complex enterprise. Here’s how we can help.