Jan 24, 2013

Mother Nature + Engineering Expertise = Melting Snow

West Michigan may have just been covered with that white stuff this week (finally!), however, the streets and beautiful brick sidewalks just outside of our headquarters in downtown Holland are snow free. This is thanks to the 450,000+ SF snowmelt system currently circulating warm water through 60+ miles of piping under street surfaces and sidewalks. And just who designed this snowmelt system do you ask? Well that would be the very talented engineering staff right here at GMB! Much of the system was designed and installed in 1988, providing no snow, no salting, no plowing and no slipping or sliding. Since then, the system has been expanded several times; most recently to heat the ramps to the parking deck on 7th Street (another GMB project; more on that another time). Many of our projects include snowmelt. Some notable snowmelt projects include the City of Grand Haven’s downtown, Macatawa Bank, Grand Ledge High School, the Holland Police Department, Herrick District Library, Calvin College, Zeeland West High School and the Holland Farmer’s Market, to name a few.

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GMB Snowmelt Experience