built on relationships

A phased renovation facilitates 21st Century learning spaces.

Working through an extensive design process that engaged faculty, staff, students, administration, board of education and community members, the charge for the design was to revive an outdated and crumbling high school into an innovative instrument for 21st century learning that would embody the pedagogical change already happening throughout the school district. Over 85% of the existing building was removed and replaced, including every existing classroom, over the course of the three years of construction. The challenges this created were to formulate a design that accomplished the initial goals, created a new building that blended seamlessly with the existing and yet allowed the building to remain fully functional during the course of construction. The results are a complete transformation of an existing, fragmented building into a cohesive, student-centric, highly flexible environments that showcase learning, provide an atmosphere of warm and safe community, and push the boundaries of the traditional definition of learning.

Location Holland, MI
Size 303,035 sq. ft.
Status Completed 2014