4 Conversations Every College or University Should Have Before Beginning a Student Housing Renovation Project

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One of the cornerstones of university life, student housing programs have been thrust into the limelight by the global pandemic over the last few years. Today, colleges and universities have realized just how important and valued the on-campus residential experience is, despite the threat of COVID-19. Countless students across the country asked for ways to once again live on campus, and when they couldn’t, they looked for that opportunity as close to campus as they could find, sometimes in nearby, off-campus housing.

As the Fall 2022 semester approaches and universities determine the next series of campus improvements, the quality of student life is once again taking center stage along with student housing. Institutions are looking for opportunities within strained budgets to enhance and renew residential facilities to not only attract and retain students, but also highlight the all-important community-building that has become so valued amidst social distancing measures (a seeming paradox). More specifically, they are asking, “how do we breathe new life into older residential facilities while aligning with the university’s brand, culture, programs, and new health and safety protocols?”

Institutions can benefit from a group of student life experts able to identify small, medium, and large strategies to align available funding with high impact ideas, deep student engagement, and the possibility of summer construction periods. GMB’s experts in higher education have a strategy for creating differentiated approaches to fit any budget, timeline, and construction capability. And for us, every opportunity begins with these four key conversations:

Within today’s limited funding streams, it’s important to make every dollar and every second count. So, let’s have the deep conversations that lead to real student success on your campus. Are you ready to get started?