Geothermal HVAC Solutions to Future Proof Education Facilities

By Trent DeBoer & Kevin Bouchey
Higher Education K-12 Education engineering geothermal

There is a lot of buzz surrounding decarbonization, sustainable design, renewable energy, and green building technologies. What does it all mean when addressing your next renovation or building project? To balance the building systems for facilities right now with the anticipated needs of the future, one eco-friendly energy solution rises to the top – and it is now more affordable than ever before.


Trent is a mechanical designer and Certified GeoExchange Designer. He loves helping clients run their buildings efficiently, and working with them to select systems that are going to work best for their institutions over the long haul. 

Kevin Bouchey, CGD

Kevin is a K-12 client lead at GMB who has helped to manage more than a half billion dollars of K-12 school bond work across Michigan. He is a Certified GeoExchange Designer with a passion for sustainable design and helping clients achieve their project goals.