GMB Recognized for Outstanding Athletics Facility Design and Construction

K-12 Education Sports tennis courts

The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) grants 2021 Distinguished Facility Awards for three GMB projects

The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), the national organization for builders and suppliers of materials for athletic facilities, has announced the winners of its annual awards, and GMB took home three 2021 Distinguished Facility Awards.

Awards are presented each year to facilities built by ASBA members, which best exemplify excellence in sports facility design and construction, as well as an understanding of the technical requirements and current professional standards for athletics facilities. Projects are scored individually based on considerations such as layout and design, site work, drainage, base construction, surface, amenities, innovation, and overall impression.

While recognition for our work is certainly an accomplishment for our design team, we believe these awards are more important for our clients whose investments pay off with exceptional facilities that are durable, long lasting, and enable high quality of play, not to mention the beautiful designs drawing attention to their campuses.

At GMB, we share a common goal with our clients to place students and their success at the heart of every project, by creating places that impact future generations in ways that unlock opportunity and provide resilience for our communities.