Designing for Health: Improving Air Quality in Educational Environments

By Trent DeBoer & Ron Snoeyink
Higher Education K-12 Education health

Places where people congregate lend themselves to the spreading of germs, and schools and campus buildings are no exception. The spread of viruses and other contaminants is possible in groups of any size and the potential increases for larger gatherings with a greater concentration of people. Fortunately, there are design considerations that can help reduce the spreading of germs.


Trent is a mechanical designer and Certified GeoExchange Designer. He loves helping clients run their buildings efficiently, and working with them to select systems that are going to work best for their institutions over the long haul. 

Ron Snoeyink, LEED AP, CGD

Ron is a mechanical engineer and Certified GeoExchange Designer. Ron's passion lies in collaborating with owners and facility managers on design as well as the day-to-day operations of their buildings to ensure optmium efficiency.