Resources to Safely Reopening Facilities

Higher Education K-12 Education health

GMB wants all students, faculty, and staff to be safe and healthy when they return to campuses. We have compiled a brief list of resources as a quick reference for facility managers and others who are involved in the planning process.

Some of these resources are tailored to specific types of institutions such as colleges and universities, K-12 schools, offices, and public buildings. Much of the information overlaps as it can apply equally to many types of buildings. We have found that it can be helpful to study all potential strategies and identify the best way to apply each protocol within the unique context of each facility.

Careful consideration of all facets of the reopening process is critical for ensuring a safe learning environment. For organizations with sufficient staff to tackle this effort, we hope these resources will be helpful. For any school or organization who needs additional assistance, GMB encourages soliciting the input from a trusted team which includes architects and engineers.