The Current and Future Integration of IP Technology in the Building Automation System Sector

By Tony Peerbolt
Higher Education K-12 Education commissioning engineering

IP technology is very new in the BAS (Building Automation System) space and this technology, more specifically adding yet another learning curve for the consulting engineering community. The introduction of IP controllers has created the need for not only capable contractors to deploy these systems, but a high demand for capable designers. The hardware and software required to provide a secure system that accommodates various building technologies has generated the need for the consulting engineering community to be up to speed on how to design BAS systems and their supporting networks using IP technology. 

Greg Fitzpatrick of Cochrane Supply recently reached out to Tony Peerbolt, Controls Engineer at GMB to discuss how they have approached attacking this recent shift in the BAS ecosystem. GMB Architecture + Engineering is a learning organization and an integrated team of educational planners, architects, and engineers focused on the education ecoystem. Tony is spearheading the effort at GMB for the use of Division 25, IP technology and OT Networks.

Thank you Tony and Greg for sharing his expertise regarding this pivotal industry technology and the role consulting engineering will play in the use of IP technology in the design of BAS systems and their supporting networks.

This article was originally published on, October 2021.

Tony Peerbolt, CBCP

With more than three decades of experience, Tony has enjoyed creating and improving working and learning environments in hundreds of buildings. His passion is optimizing and maximizing energy efficiency and comfort and that is obvious when you speak to him. As a commissioning engineer, he works with our design teams through all phases of the project and he ensures a safe and orderly handover of mechanical and electrical systems to our clients.