Trends in Turf: What to Know When Considering Artificial Turf for Your School

By Matt Heidloff & Nate Bosch & Tim Gerrits
K-12 Education Sports turf

Artificial or synthetic turf is a surface made of manmade fibers that looks like natural grass. Turf has become a fast-growing market for a variety of compelling reasons and a popular choice among K-12 district athletics. While there will always be a place for natural grasses, artificial turf offers many benefits for educational organizations and campuses.

Matt Heidloff, LLA, ASLA, LEED AP

Matt Heidloff is a landscape architect with experience on a variety of projects from designing parks and green space to athletic fields. He is passionate about helping clients understand options when it comes to natural and artificial turf field design, especially around the latest in industry research on athlete safety.

Nate Bosch, LLA, LEED AP, ASLA

Nate Bosch is a landscape architect with a focus on developing outdoor spaces that inspire creativity, promote flexibility, and connect people to the natural environment. He is passionate about the outdoors and how spending time in nature can have a positive impact on learning, development, and our overall wellbeing.


Tim Gerrits leads our Sports practice and has combined a background in landscape architecture with a passion for sports and competition. With over 25 years of experience, Tim has designed more than 45 tennis facilities, including over 175 post-tensioned concrete courts.