Due to an expected increase in job postings and demand for Ivy Tech Community College’s Automotive Technology program, the College aspires to build a new Automotive Technology Training Center. Our team, including McGee Designhouse and JPS Consulting Engineers, spent time during the Design Workshop at the beginning of the project to understand the program needs and ultimately develop an agreed upon concept with all stakeholders present. This new facility will reinforce the state-of-the-art instruction from masters of the industry in a safe and secure environment. The design helps to foster a collaborative environment that fuels relationships between students, faculty, and partners, balanced with places for students and staff to refresh and focus to enhance students’ retention of applicable and working knowledge. The program is looking to grow their partnerships with local automotive corporations who will use the space for training purposes. There is also a focus on creating a space that is desirable, durable, timeless, and flexible for students to engage with and where future technology is supported.

Automotive Technology Training Center

Location Indianapolis, IN
Size 57,000 sq. ft. New Construction
Status Under Construction
Specialties Design Workshops
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