Providing a roadmap for growth through a campus master plan.

A campus master plan identifies needs and closes gaps between where an institution is today and where it would like to be in the future. For Trinity, the planning was a three-phase process structured over ten months. Through Steering Committee engagement, five Guiding Principles were developed as a tool to guide the development of the planning process and long term framework thinking. They are: Envision a holistic campus, celebrate the kingdom, foster community, address boundaries, and reveal identity landmarks.

The plan outlines the removal of three core campus facilities and replaces them with new structures that stretch and enhance the north / south orientation of the current campus, paralleled by the natural meandering edge of Navaho Creek and its surrounding watershed. New structures include an Academic building, replacing the function spaces provided by some of the oldest buildings on campus, and a Student Center that anchors the newly defined campus green to the north. The document outlines a plan that can be implemented incrementally as growth occurs and funding is secured.

Campus Master Plan

Location Palos Heights, IL
Size 120 Acres
Status Completed 2018
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