Improving resident, staff, and visitor experiences through an interconnected healing environment.

The renovation and addition to the Kresge Skilled Nursing Facility began with separating short-term care (first floor) and long-term care (second floor), and transitioned rooms from being semi-private to private. The design solution also created a new entry sequence, three new dining experiences, and outdoor spaces with patio dining, lounge space, healing garden, and walking paths. The creation of a new Wellness Center adds a suspended walking track, cardio equipment, group space, and a lift-free ADA compliant pool. Through siting, the new Wellness Center provides a circulation path for staff and residents to connect between the Independent Living and Skilled Nursing facilities, and serves as the focal point of campus.

Chelsea Retirement Community / Kresge SNF

Location Chelsea, MI
Size 21,280 sq. ft. Addition; 21,600 sq. ft. Renovation
Status Phase 1 - Complete 2019; Phase 2 - Under Construction
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