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Creating an open and flexible collegiate level facility with a sense of community.

This state-of-the-art fitness center addition to Rockford High School features a weight room, auxiliary gymnasium, athletic training room, and offices. The Guiding Principles of the project were to design a fitness center visible and accessible to students and community, create a collegiate level facility for student athletes, and strengthen the sense of community through space connectivity and branding.

The weight room features weight-training racks, strength and cardio zones, and indoor non-infilled synthetic turf for strength and sled training, accompanied by an overhead suspension trainer and monkey bar system. Technology was integrated throughout the weight room to facilitate large group Physical Education classes and team strength training. Designed as a multi-use space with close proximity to the weight room, outdoor fields and athletic support spaces, the auxiliary gym accommodates basketball, volleyball, batting cages, and wrestling mats. Ample glass and daylighting in both the weight room and auxiliary gymnasium allow a visual connectivity to outdoor athletics.

Special attention was given to the Ram athletic branding to create high-impact spaces that elevate the athlete experience. The use of the school district’s bold colors and logo create a stronger sense of school pride and community among student athletes, coaches, and sports fans.

Rams Fitness Center

Location Rockford, MI
Size 25,300 sq. ft. New Construction / Addition
Status Completed 2017
Applications Sports & Recreation
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