With a high school building that felt outdated for 21st century learning, Greenville Public Schools had an opportunity to completely transform and upgrade their facility. By commissioning an aging building to improve energy efficiency, air quality, and building performance, the facility now has reduced maintenance, a longer lifespan, and spaces that are more comfortable learning environments for students.

Renovations in the high school include a complete transformation of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) offerings to support new and evolving programming in robotics, construction trades, machining and tools, CAD, and mechatronics. Science labs and classrooms were expanded and spatially reconfigured to support a modern curriculum, and the team created extended, flexible learning opportunities outside of classrooms that encourage collaborative learning. In addition to finish and furniture upgrades throughout the building, new classroom technology and controls and upgrades to the auditorium further enhance the learning environment.

Greenville High School

Location Greenville, MI
Size 180,000 sq. ft. Renovation
Status Completed 2021
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