The design for Phelps Hall transformed a dated facility into a student-centric experience with a 21st-century dining venue.

Today’s college students have greater expectations: for connectivity, for comfort, for inspiration. Meals are a central part of daily student life, with studying, meetings, friendships and relationships happening around the table. This project entailed a complete upgrade of the servery, including all new venue stations, a complete upgrade of all materials and finishes, as well as HVAC infrastructure upgrades. Phelps Hall was designed to feel modern and on-trend yet able to withstand the high-traffic and high-use environment.

Phelps Dining Hall

Location Holland, MI
Size 2,480 sq. ft. New Construction; 18,900 sq. ft. Renovation
Status Completed 2014
Awards & News American School & University 2015 Outstanding Design Award Educational Interiors Showcase 2018 Loyal E. Horton Dining Award, Residential Dining Concepts, Gold
Applications Dining
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There’s a renewed interest in eating on campus. Students’ expectations have changed tremendously, and what’s exciting is that our facilities are now up to the level of our program.

Robert Van Heukelom, Director of Dining Services