The Early Childhood Center at Lake Orion Community Schools was designed to provide a safe and welcoming environment to the earliest learners. This new space promotes a sense of pride and ownership, fostering community and a culture of 'We are all Dragons'. This new space will create equality of experience and options for all students within the district. Being that this new space will be used by younger students, it was important that the spaces have physical and useful durability. Additionally, outdoor learning and access to natural elements such as wood, water, and vegetation, provide students with new opportunities to explore, learn, and move. Transparency, color, and tactile surfaces blend the division between indoors and out, creating sensory experiences that vary depending on where they are in the building.  

Lake Orion Early Childhood Center

Location Lake Orion, MI
Size 49,100 sq. ft. New Construction
Status Under Construction
Applications Learning Spaces
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