PACE center fills an unmet need in senior community.

This senior living organization recognized that there was a significant population of seniors who were sandwiched between needing significant assistance with daily life, but not quite ready to move into a nursing home. This “in-between” phase is difficult and sometimes dangerous for the elderly person and very difficult for the family members who step up to care for them. Senior Care Partners P.A.C.E. decided to renovate one of their existing buildings to implement a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) center.

The process started with an assessment of the proposed building to ensure that the space would be adequate for the unique needs of the center. The largest part of the building’s footprint will be used for the clinic and therapy area which includes examination rooms, triage area, observation area, a nurse station, and medication storage. Also included is an area dedicated to the care of seniors with dementia. This separate area includes a kitchenette and living area to provide a home-like setting that is calming to participants. The design focused on many details such as bathrooms and showers since many participants rely on the center for bathing and grooming as a part of their well-being.

Senior Care Partners PACE - Portage

Location Portage, MI
Size 10,150 sq. ft. Renovation
Status Completed 2019
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