Shelby Public Schools passed a $33,000,000 bond in May 2021 for district-wide improvements including the consolidation of their lower and upper elementary schools into a new elementary school. The Shelby community, administration, and staff gathered for a two-day workshop with the GMB team to determine district and community priorities related to the educational landscape. During the workshop, influential words that reflect the values and learning initiatives of Shelby were identified to include in various spaces of the design. To further embrace the student connection to the Shelby community, each academic wing is themed around elements found in the natural environment. The design focuses on a holistically accessible and inclusive space for future growth and the existing community. The K-5 building is broken up into a community wing for all academic classrooms and a ‘main street’ hallway to separate the classroom wing from the shared elective spaces.

Shelby Elementary School

Location Shelby, MI
Size 65,000 sq. ft. New Construction
Status Under Construction
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