Haworth’s primary challenge was how to design a space that is clean, simple, and primarily acts as a vessel to house and support the furniture, rather than the inverse. Our design solution allows the space itself to become a backdrop to the furniture that it is designed to house. As a continuous space with no floor or ceiling transitions, and simple floor materials, the showroom is more readily adaptable over time. Exposed, north-facing bay windows overlook a park, allowing the showroom to act as a lens by which the city can be viewed. The delicate finishes in the showroom support a space where furniture stands out as the main attraction. 

GMB also worked with Haworth as they sought to change both the program and the mindset of the primary usage of the showroom. Instead of only operating as a sales vehicle, the space functions as an actual office where sales, marketing, and graphics staff works in the showroom. The new program also re-envisions the experience for customers. A traditional reception desk and waiting area is replaced with a café, where hospitality is extended with a cup of tea or coffee. This helps the visit feel less transactional and corporate and more warm and hospitable, which are distinct facets of the Haworth brand.

Washington D.C. Showroom

Location Washington D.C.
Size 10,000 sq. ft.
Status Completed 2017
Applications Work Environments
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