As the largest district in Ottawa County, Hudsonville Public Schools is rapidly growing, adding nearly 125 students each year for the last five years, and that growth is expected to continue. As part of the district’s long-term master plan, the community approved a 2019 bond proposal to identify sites and build new school facilities to address the district’s population needs. A new 5/6 intermediate / upper elementary school building adjacent to the existing middle school will address space issues at the middle school and K-5 elementary school on the district’s burgeoning north side, in addition to creating age-appropriate classrooms and learning spaces with integrated technology and flexible furniture. The building will accommodate up to 700 students and ease their transition between elementary and middle school with spaces that meet students at their level and accommodate the curriculum and instruction.

A secure entry into an open, central common area connecting the media center, cafeteria, and gymnasium invites ample natural light and creates spaces for impromptu collaboration and small group instruction as well as community events. Elective classrooms and two-story classroom wings branch out from the central spine, separating academic spaces. The new building enables the district to transition the educational delivery model in Hudsonville, focusing on the transitional learner, shifting grade levels, creating space for students and teachers, and better connecting Hudsonville’s schools across the community.

Take a look at a virtual reality tour of the spaces.

The 5/6 Building at Georgetown

Location Hudsonville, MI
Size 112,000 sq. ft. New Construction
Status Under Construction
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