What’s the Big Deal About Awards?

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GMB Takes Home One Outdoor Facility of the Year & Four Distinguished Facility Awards

GMB took home five technical awards from the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) for 2018! This is certainly a big accomplishment, and one that we are really proud of. But why do awards matter? Sure, it gives us a sense of pride for our work to be validated by an external jury. But we would actually argue that these awards are of more importance to our clients because of what they represent: longevity, safety, return on investment, and high quality of play. 

Clients want to show off beautiful facilities and highlight their financial stewardship to stakeholders or an administration. Winning an ASBA award demonstrates excellence in design and execution - these playing surfaces will be durable and last for a long time. Post-tensioned tennis courts don't crack, reducing downtime needed for repairs. Well-maintained synthetic turf can decrease labor and maintenance costs, add playing hours to days and usable days to the calendar, and reduce the overall footprint needed for fields. They also promote athlete safety: tennis courts that don't crack eliminate trip hazards and turf fields are designed with products to reduce the forces of impact. Many of our clients see their investments pay off with facilities that outlast the projected life cycle. This allows them additional time to save for future needs, often while generating income on the current spaces through renting to external groups.