A core GMB value is providing opportunities for our employees to grow in their knowledge of the profession. As we have experienced a move to a multi-generational demographic of our workforce, we have focused extensively on the transferring of knowledge between the generations, investing in the education and development of our staff, and building our pipeline of future professionals.


GMB has been able to build on the success of our knowledge and robust history, further growing our design capabilities and our impact. We have expanded our disciplines in order to more holistically serve our clients through an integrated approach to design concept development. And we have also grown the reach of our influence through a growing number of clients and our expanded regional office presence.

4 Office Locations, 100+ Employees, 11 States & 
3 Countries with Current GMB Projects


The purpose of good architecture is to create community. From within the walls of our offices to across the globe, we seek to use our knowledge and influence to make better communities. Corporately and individually, GMB and our employees have leveraged financial and design resources to come alongside local and global organizations who are working for positive community change.


Annual Community Day - As part of our commitment to giving, we dedicate an afternoon of service each year. Our annual Community Day gives employees the opportunity to serve with local organizations. These include shelters, senior living facilities, kids’ clubs, nature preserves, and community centers.

For Community Day 2019, we logged 435 volunteer hours at 13 organizations near our 4 offices.


VOX - VOX provides sustainable clean drinking water to people in developing countries. GMB’s involvement focuses on developing new wells and rehabilitating existing wells. Since 2012, VOX and GMB have impacted the lives of 165,962 people. 


Jean Fund Charities - Every Friday, we leave the work clothes in the closet and wear jeans, donating $1 each week to our Jean Fund. Throughout the years, we have contributed to over 20 local charities.

Our 2019 Jean Fund charity is Escape Ministries.


GMB University, Pod Huddles, Community Day…..  Just a few pieces of GMB’s “Learn, Grow, Give” culture.  Interested in joining our Team of Teams? 

Visit our careers page to view open positions in all four of our office locations.